After a full decade of service to consumers, Seattle-based bill payment option doxo celebrated continued successes in 2018. Having launched 10 years earlier with the support of investors such as Mohr Davidow Ventures and Sigma Partners, doxo presented a new and convenient concept to potential users — a one-stop online arena for paying bills. The brand and its founders recognized a huge hole in this consistent task and that is the ease and access for one location to make payments through whatever financial means desired (that includes credit cards, which many outlets do not accept) in addition to a safe, secure site that offers no frills and no scams in timely bill payments.

doxo launched in 2008 and found successes in the decade to follow, including more than 45,000 companies across a variety of industries utilizing the website for accepting bill payments. Also in 2018, doxo boasted more than three million users taking advantage of the platform — a doubling of its customer base, which also brought forth an expansion to its working team and leadership group.