Obviously, since the doxo bill paying system has millions of users now, and tens of thousands of companies have signed on to their network, they must be doing something right. The companies who have signed on come from all areas of business, including utilities, telecom companies, healthcare, banking and insurance, among many others, so it’s obviously not a scam. Users of doxo are able to pay their bulls via computer or laptop from home, or they can pay using their phone or tablet when they’re on the road.

Basically, doxo is an all-in-one bill paying service that serves to turn the payment of monthly household bills and subsequently the storage of all financial paperwork into something that is not as difficult as before doxo . The ability to use doxo for bill payment means the user is always ready for any situation, like preparing tax returns or getting ready for an audit, or applying for a mortgage or a loan to start a business. In any situation where you need access to your financial records immediately, the doxo system is a godsend. Because their mobile app and everything else about the service is free, paying bills has never been easier.

Moreover, their “doxo PAY” feature allows users to set up and pay all their bills from a single account, including one username and password combination. And because paying bills can sometimes open someone up to scams, every aspect of doxo is secure. The security includes many steps designed to prevent hackers from even attempting to get in. The bank-level security provided at every point on their website and their system means scams are virtually impossible.